Company legal person representative on Guangdong Su test Guang Bo environmental laboratory limited company fair statement

Guangdong Su tried extensive environmental laboratory Co. Ltd. is engaged in electrical and electronic products and military equipment, rail transportation, nuclear power plant equipment, electric power (including wind power) integrated equipment, automobile and home appliances, transport packages etc. Products in the field of environmental adaptability and reliability testing laboratory, is independent of the manufacturer and the use of the third party the laboratory. For laboratory work, we must strengthen leadership and strict requirements, conscientiously implement the provisions specified in the quality manual and procedure document of the laboratory, constantly improve the service quality and win the high satisfaction of the client. In order to ensure its independence and impartiality, it is solemnly stated as follows:

Guangdong Su Shi Wide Environmental Laboratory Co Ltd is an independent legal entity in Suzhou Jiangsu testing instrument Limited by Share Ltd holdings.

The laboratory provides on the principal subjects of all data samples, technical data and test process should strictly keep state secrets, commercial secrets, the company shall not engage in the exploitation of.

The laboratory should strictly implement the "quality manual" and "program files" and "the provisions of personnel work instruction" provisions, earnestly implement the management system, to ensure the test quality.

The laboratory of foreign business, the special seal of approval for the use of the Dongguan municipal public security bureau.

The only criterion of test results is the data, I and all the staff will not allow for any adverse economic interests and personal intervention changed the relationship between test results.