corporate culture

The comprehensive expression of the extensive culture of the Soviet Union

Taking integrity as the fundamental and innovation as the driving force, we must create a brand of Suzhou brand with the spirit of solidarity, harmony and striving for truth and strive to become the leader of China's public trial service industry.

The core content of the extensive culture of the Soviet Union

Enterprise purpose: integrity and innovation of the spirit of enterprise: unity and harmony, realistic and hard work. We should give full play to team spirit and work conscientiously on the basis of mutual respect, mutual understanding and mutual trust, so as to make our due contributions to the development of enterprises.

Enterprise values: people are the real biggest wealth of the Su test, all people based, achievement of personal potential, the realization of the future of the enterprise.

Quality concept: maximally satisfy customers and constantly improve themselves.

The mission of Su to try extensive culture

We will create an internationally competitive excellent enterprise for the country, create a sustainable development brand for the nation, provide real products and services for the customers, and build a platform for the realization of life value for employees.

Recruitment Information

Recruitment sales manager, sales director / Director, regional sales manager

1. Post requirements:

(1) college degree or above;

(2) there are over 3 years experience in reliability test and sales of military products, rail transit products, automotive electronics and parts, instruments and meters, electronic components, household appliances, office automation equipment, radio digital communication, medical devices and other industries.

(3) extrovert, quick reaction, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity and sales team management ability;

(4) have a certain market analysis and judgment ability, good customer service consciousness.

2. Post duties:

(1) be familiar with the relevant standards of reliability test equipment and reliability test; be able to independently handle and solve the tasks of the responsible sales area, understand and explore customer needs, and introduce the advantages and characteristics of their testing services.

3, salary treatment: interview.

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