Guangzhou Su tried extensive environmental laboratory Company Limited is an independent contractor and use the third party laboratory, engaged in military equipment, electrical and electronic equipment, auto parts, shipbuilding, nuclear power equipment and other environmental and reliability testing of military and civilian products, has thrust 9.8KN ~ 196KN (20t) series of electrodynamic vibration testing system 8m3/49KN, temperature, humidity and vibration combined environment test system, test equipment 1m3 mould test boxes and other advanced range of more than 30 sets of (Taiwan). The laboratory has been approved by the CNAS and DILAC qualifications.

Laboratory testing instrument by Su Suzhou Limited by Share Ltd, Guangzhou Academy of Sciences China Industrial Technology Research Institute of Chongqing and the Milky Way Test Instrument Co Ltd joint venture, at the same time as the analysis center for environment and reliability of Guangzhou Academy of Sciences China Industrial Technology Research Institute, hired industry well-known domestic and foreign experts composed of professional and Technical Committee as technical support, strength, welcome you are interested to visit, communicate.