UV ultraviolet aging

UV ultraviolet aging
Test introduction
The UV ultraviolet aging test project refers to the process of strengthening the experiment by simulating the aging condition of the product in various conditions involved in the actual use conditions. The experiment is mainly for plastic materials. The common aging mainly includes light aging, damp heat. Aging, hot air aging. The product is used outdoors for long-term exposure to the sun. To understand the life of the product that can be used outdoors, it is necessary to simulate the UV aging experiment of the sun ultraviolet light. Of course, the intensity of the experiment is much greater than the actual outdoor light intensity, thus shortening the test time. You can find out how many years of aging after using the product through a short test.
Common UV aging test
UVA-340 simulates the ultraviolet part of sunlight, mainly used for photoaging test of outdoor products;
UVA-351 simulates the ultraviolet portion of sunlight passing through the window glass and is mainly used for photoaging tests of indoor products;
UVB-313EL: A fast and cost-effective test that is widely used in durable materials, which accelerates the aging of materials and sometimes leads to abnormal results, which must be agreed upon by the customer.
examination range
Provides aging performance testing services for rubber, plastics, coatings, adhesives, building materials, metal materials, battery cables, auto parts, chemicals, and many other industries. It can produce professional CMA/CNAS qualifications and countries. Approved test report.
Aging test project:
Artificial weathering, UV aging test, ozone aging test, damp heat aging test, xenon lamp aging test, carbon arc lamp aging test, etc.
GB/T 3512-2014 vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic film rubber hot air accelerating and heat test
GB/T3511-2008 vulcanized rubber or thermoplastic rubber weather resistance
GB/T 1865-2009 Paints and varnishes Artificial weathering and artificial radiation exposure (filtered xenon arc radiation)
GB/T 16585-1996 Test method for artificial weathering (fluorescent ultraviolet lamp) of vulcanized rubber
ISO 9142-2003 Adhesives Guidelines for the selection of standard laboratory aging conditions for the testing of adhesives
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