Adhesion test

Adhesion test
Coatings generally have the functions of protection, decoration, marking, anti-fouling, insulation, etc., and they are widely used. Therefore, coating testing has become one of the most effective ways for manufacturers or individuals to verify the quality of coatings. With the development of the national economy and the advancement of science and technology, paint testing is gradually promoting the development of the coating industry to water-based, high-performance, high-grade, functional, and the prospects are more open.
Qingdao Su Test Sea Detection and Testing Technology Co., Ltd. mainly conducts test and analysis according to widely accepted standards at home and abroad, and conducts relevant research and analysis according to the special requirements of customers according to strong technical strength. We have advanced equipment and professional testing team to provide you with accurate test data results.
Adhesion testing is a type of coating test. Common coating test items are:
Water resistance "Determination of water resistance of paint film" (GB/T 1733-1993) "Determination of water resistance of paints and varnishes - Water immersion method" (GB/T 5209-1985 )
Alkali resistance GB/T 9265-2009 Architectural coatings Determination of alkali resistance of coatings - Determination of alkali resistance of coatings for architectural coatings (GB/T 9265-2009) 2L measuring cylinders
Acid resistance GB/T 9274 Paints and varnishes Determination of liquid-resistant medium (A method) 2L measuring cylinders for liquid containers
Heat resistance "Determination of heat resistance of paints and varnishes" (GB/T 1735-2009) High temperature furnace or blast oven
UV aging GB/T 23987-2009 Paints and varnishes Artificial weathering exposure of coatings Exposure to fluorescent UV and water UV aging
Moisture and heat resistance "Determination of moisture resistance of paint film" (GB/T 1740-2007) Constant temperature and humidity chamber
Pencil hardness "Color paints and varnishes Determination of paint film hardness by pencil method" (GB/T 6739-2006) (ISO 15184:1998) "Determination of paint film hardness by pencil test (ASTM D3363-2005) Pencil hardness tester
Density "Determination of Density of Paints and Varnishes - Determination of Density of Pycnometers" (GB/T 6750-2007) (ISO 2811-1:1997)
Paint film thickness "Color paint and varnish Determination of film thickness" (GB/T 13452.2-2008) (ISO 2808:2007) Paint film thickness gauge
Volatiles "Determination of volatiles at 105 °C" GB/T 5211.3-1985 Electric blower bellows
Adhesion "Color and varnish paint film cross-cut test" (GB/T 9286-1998) ASTM D3359-2002 "Adhesive test with tape test" (ASTM D3359-2008) Paint film scriber
Impact resistance "Determination of impact resistance of paint film" (GB/T 1732-1993) Paint film impactor mixing rubber and sample preparation products
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