Bending test

Bending test
The bending test is a test of the mechanical properties of metallic materials.
The mechanical properties of metal materials refer to the ability of the workpiece to resist deformation when subjected to external loads (tensile, compressive, bending, torsional, impact, alternating stress, etc.). The commonly used mechanical properties of materials mainly include tensile strength and yield strength. Bending strength, modulus of elasticity, hardness, impact toughness, elongation, reduction in area, fatigue limit, creep curve, and the like.
The strength, stiffness and plasticity of the material can be determined by tensile tests, mainly room temperature tensile and high temperature tensile tests;
Impact toughness refers to the ability of a workpiece to resist damage under the impact load, and is a manifestation of the mechanical properties of the material under dynamic loading;
When subjected to alternating stress and repeated cyclic stress, the material often breaks suddenly when the working stress is less than the yield strength. This phenomenon is called fatigue. Fatigue fracture is caused by partial permanent loss or defect of the part under cyclic stress. After a certain number of cycles, the defect expansion causes the component to suddenly fail. The test of the material fatigue limit is one of the important indicators for predicting the reliability of the part.
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