The Soviet test test was awarded the "fourth list of innovation pioneers of equipment China"


In November 23, 2016, the fourth China equipment innovation enterprise annual conference and equipment China innovation pioneer award ceremony was held in Beijing. In the Chinese Machinery Industry Federation under the guidance of the strong support of the China Auto Industry Association and other 11 national professional associations and other organizations, "the fourth China pioneer equipment innovation contest results were announced, Suzhou Su test instrument Limited by Share Ltd, Chinese railway construction heavy industry group Co., Ltd. and other 53 companies glorious list.

During the day's activities, the president of the China Machinery Industry Federation, Wang Ruixiang and other guests, made a speech. Then, from Shandong kerei group, Chinese railway construction and Guangzhou CNC company responsible for "innovative gene casting into the soul of enterprise, to create high-end equipment independent brand", "domestic robots leap towards the intelligent manufacturing" topics such as the keynote speech.

At the ceremony, China Machinery Industry Federation of machinery industry Chinese special adviser Cai Weici, Federation executive vice president and general secretary Zhao Chi and other leaders, winning 53 Enterprises for the awards, Su trial sent representatives to attend the meeting, and came to collect the "equipment China innovation pioneer - technology innovation award".

This year is the fourth time that the Soviet Union test test won the "fourth annual equipment China innovation pioneer list". On the platform of China Machinery Industry Federation, the company has gained recognition and recognition from the colleagues in the equipment manufacturing industry with forward-looking innovative thinking, strong R & D strength and excellent product quality. The brand of "Su test" has attracted the attention of the outside world again, so that more experts and scholars will pay more attention to the development of the vibration test equipment industry, and let more people know about the "Su test".