Su test test won the "Suzhou military and civilian integration advanced unit award"


In December 9, 2016, "Suzhou city military and civilian integration promotion conference and the second Suzhou military and civilian integration award award ceremony" was held in the Suzhou Conference Center. Su test test was invited to attend the meeting and won the honorary title of "Suzhou military and civilian integration advanced unit award".

In recent years, Suzhou actively implement the national and provincial relevant to promote the development of civil military integration depth requirements, and encourage the conversion in the ginseng people, set up a platform, through army channels, promote the integration of military and civilian development. Since 2014, Suzhou city every two years to organize a civil military integration award of Excellence Award, led by the Suzhou Municipal Industry Association, Jiangsu province military academy and the Suzhou Municipal Commission by letter (Office of national defense science and industry), the Suzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission (Equipment Mobilization Office) jointly sponsored by land, sea and air, fire arrows and other military related representative office. In February this year, the "second Suzhou military and civil integration Excellence Award" was launched, and the military enterprises and enterprises in Suzhou responded actively and enthusiastically declared.

As one of the leaders of China's mechanical environment test equipment industry, an important indicator of Su test over the years has always been a positive response to the national "civil military integration" strategy, through scientific research, production, equipment, technology, products and other aspects to actively promote the "army", "project, the company product has become the national defense field mechanical environment test equipment the industry's singles champion. The Soviet test won the armed forces, rocket forces under the jurisdiction of the military representative office and Jiangsu military academy and the Suzhou national defense science and Industry Office and other 11 units jointly issued "the second session of the Suzhou city civil military integration advanced unit award", is the development of the company and product recognition, but also the company's recognition of the work of civil military integration. The trial of the Soviet Union will continue to make persistent efforts and make good achievements in order to promote the deep development of the integration of the military and the people in Suzhou and make new contributions to the development of national defense and the development of local economy.