The Suzhou test test won the "national machinery industry quality and benefit advanced enterprise"


On 15-16 December, sponsored by China Machinery Industry Quality Management Association "Chinese Machinery Industry Quality Management Association of the seven session of the three meeting of the 2016 Council of the National Machinery Industry Quality Award, quality benefit advanced enterprise in recognition of the General Assembly held in Guangzhou, the Soviet Union test and representatives of more than 150 delegates attended the meeting of the national machinery industry.

At the meeting, Guangdong Province Machinery Industry Quality Management Association chairman Liang Zhifeng said, China Quality Association President Li Junjie made a speech entitled "high quality is the priority among priorities" machinery industry transformation and upgrading of the work report.

The conference decided to read the commendation, the award-winning collectives and individuals were commended, Su test won the "national quality and efficiency of machinery industry advanced enterprises, the national machinery industry has 12 companies to receive this award, Su test of Jiangsu province has become the only company to receive the award.

The company since its inception, has always been adhering to the "quality first, customer first" purpose of the work, the process will be fully integrated into the quality management of enterprise development, has won the "Jiangsu province quality credit enterprise", "quality of credit products in Jiangsu province", "Jiangsu province quality credit grade AA enterprise" and other awards, accelerate product upgrading in quality management and then push the "Su Shi" brand construction work.